Pioneering decentralized internet infrastructure

OptiPulse’s patent pending technology provides affordable direct-to-consumer broadband at never before seen wireless speeds, to all corners of the world.

Long Distance

Low Power Usage

Small Form Factor


Safer Than RF

There are three fundamental issues with the Internet as it exists today…



Problem: Data from Broadband now shows that only 25% of the US is currently covered with broadband network services. In the rest of the world, particularly in developing countries, high speed access to fast, dependable internet service is even more scarce than in the US.

Solution: Our patent-pending technology creates superhighways of light speed connection. Also, our equipment is easier to install, making providing unrivaled internet access to these underserved places possible, and inevitable.



Problem: There is no question that high speed Internet depends on the fiber optical backbone; however, to bring fiber cable to residential homes and businesses, that so called “last mile” costs the consumers not only a lot of money and time for the providers to set it up, but also environmental concerns as the fiber cables have to be buried under the ground.

Solution: Our equipment is cheaper and has a greener footprint because it uses less energy to manufacture, install and operate. Since it plugs in to the existing network infrastructure and uses line of sight to connect subsequent links, trenching for fiber cable links will be obsolete.



Problem: With the recent ruling to repeal net neutrality rules, ISPs in the United States and major corporations can now control and reshape the online experience for millions of American consumers. The big concern is that the ISPs and corporations, including international businesses, could create a two-tier internet where only sites that pay additional fees will be carried on the fast lanes while everyone else is consigned to the slow lane.

Solution: By putting broadband access into the hands of the consumer, we will enable net neutrality’s open playing field which is essential for free expression, innovation and collaboration.

Disrupting Markets

As we make connection a human right by providing access to everyone and decentralizing the internet, we also create superhighways of connection with the capacity required by blockchain and other distributed ledger applications to decentralize finance and commerce, and support smart contract operations.

Imagine a world with direct-to-consumer wireless super highways in all corners of the globe.

(We’re building the infrastructure to support this vision.)

Optipulse Light Grid

OptiPulse is developing products to enable 10Gbps communications at 200m and 1-10km. Our patent pending technology will enable unprecedented inter-city, building-to-building, and residential connectivity configurations.

Unprecedented Configurations

OptiPulse technology enables rapid, low-cost deployment of 5G wireless backhauls by linking networked nodes with eye safe, infrared beams that can transmit data at 10Gbps.

We have secured multiple contracts and are building strategic partnerships to unleash the full potential of our technology.

OptiPulse’s enabling technology emits light from chip arrays that fit on the head of a ballpoint pen.


Our faster transceivers and nodes mean more capacity, improving lag and reducing or eliminating buffering.


10 Gb/s with the potential for multiplexing over 100Gbps improves poor service and reduces dropped calls.


Cheaper easier and less power to manufacture, install and operate. Replaces expensive equipment and installation and uses low energy.


Portable units that are easier to set in place and easier to repair mean an alternative for existing insufficient networks.

The OptiPulse Team

John Joseph

John Joseph

Founder, Inventor, President

John Joseph has over 35 years of experience in semiconductor laser design and processing, including 6 years of C-level experience.

Mathis Shinnick

Mathis Shinnick


Mathis has built technology, asset management and financial services companies in Asia, the U.S. and Europe, and led organizations with over $300 million in annual revenues.

Jim Lott

Jim Lott


Dr. James Lott is an epitaxial designer of world record speed and efficiency semiconductor laser technologies.

Feng Hou

Feng Hou

Chief Blockchain Architect

Currently serves as the Chief Information Officer and Chief Digital Learning Officer at CNM, Feng Hou is a Harvard educated senior IT executive with more than 20 years IT leadership and digital transformation experience.

Tim Pressnall

Tim Pressnall

Director of Engineering

Significant hands-on expertise in electronics, optics, mechanical and electrical. His passion for the job and his creative resourcefulness to work for a common goal is what makes him a valuable member of the team.

Charles Patrick Collier

Charles Patrick Collier

Product Development

Patrick is a satellite communications, photonics, and laser engineer, and open system engineering architect.

Anne Kain

Anne Kain

Finance and Risk

Anne is a finance executive with 20 years of experience leading profitable investment strategies, improving financial performance, and providing strategic executive vision in financial industries including banking, venture capital and private equity.

Alexander Joseph

Alexander Joseph

Database/IT & Document Control Management

Alexander has over 8 years of experience in database development, administration and management, computer networking, and network/cyber security.

Gil Gonzales

Gil Gonzales


Dr. Gonzales in an information technologies consultant specializing in research / organizational capacity building, strategic planning and execution, and regional networking.

Darrell Garcia

Darrell Garcia

As an almost life-long resident of Albuquerque, Darrell understands New Mexico and its unique culture. He has a Bachelors in Business Administration a M.A. in Elementary Education and an M.B.A in Policy and Planning with an emphasis in Strategic Planning and Leadership.

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